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intro  |  addies  |  spamtricker is a CGI script that generates a dynamic page of bogus email addresses. Its advantage, compared to, is that you don't need permission to run cron on the host machine, and it is very simple to install. The disadvantage is that many SPAM bots ignore pages from the /cgi or /cgi-bin directory.
See an example generated page.
Download addies.


In order to install, you need permission to run CGI scripts on your web host. The host machine must be able to run perl as well.
  1. Download and unzip it.

  2. Upload to your web host.

  3. Change the permissions to make the script executable:

    chmod 755

  4. Put in your cgi-bin directory.

  5. Link to on your website. You can use this nifty button, if you want:

    addies button

Link to Our Copy

If you don't have perl or CGI permission on your web server, you may link to the script on our website. You can find it here, although I'd prefer if you linked to this page, generated by spamtricker. The latter page is more effective at combatting spammers, and results in less load for our server.

License? is a Public Domain program written by Drake Emko. Modify and/or distribute it however you want. Be my guest.


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