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If you want to link to us from your Web page, then you get our sincerest thanks! You can use the banners below for your link.

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If you want to put our strip on your website, here's how:

  1. First agree to these terms:
    • We make no guarantees about the content, quality, or timely delivery of our strips. You put them on your site at your own risk.
    • You cannot modify our cartoon images in any way.
    • If, for any reason, we tell you not to use Hackles on your site, you must stop displaying our comic strips.
  2. Put this code where you want the comic to appear:

    <a href="http://hackles.org"><img src="http://hackles.org/latest/cartoon.png" border="0"/></a>

That's it! Your website will display the latest Hackles strip, and will automatically update whenever we put up a new cartoon.

Alternately, you may just want to display a specific strip on your website. Be our guest! However, in this case we ask that you save the image onto your web host and link to that copy. That way our bandwidth usage doesn't get out of control.

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You can help promote our humble strip by sending a vote for Hackles to certain cartoon sites. This brings new readers to our pages. Just click these images (once/day max). Thanks!

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