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New! Toasted Pixel - Hackles may be over, but Drake's little brother Tod now has his own online comic strip. It's nerdy, edgy, and super cool, so check it out!

Aford - A comic strip about a turtle and his woodland friends. Unpretentious, funny, and very subtly trippy.

Angst Technology - This is one of the better gamer comics out there. Barry Smith's artwork is great, and his characters all have likeable qualities.

Ban the Basics! - Super-smart kids take on the world. In a time when so many comics glorify stupidity, it's nice to see the geeks get the spotlight.

Cat and Girl - Every class-conscious, introspective girl should have a pipe-smoking cat of her own. Read this one while sipping wine, pinky extended.

Checkerboard Nightmare - Probably the most self-referential comic strip in existence. With a scheming marketer as its main character, it (literally) sells itself!

Exploding Dog - You write the caption, he draws the picture. The simple art possesses an odd charm and is strangely addictive. Also home of the Red Robot World Domination conspiracy. Evil!

Fight Cast or Evade - A party of animals embarks on Dungeons and Dragons adventures. It really doesn't get any geekier than this! Fun stuff.

Funny Farm - This comic differs from the Chevy Chase movie with the same name, in that it is funny, and it doesn't actually take place on a farm.

Get With the Program - This used to be another comic about computer games and the gaming industry, but it's evolved into a sort of epic sci-fi/fantasy story. Contains a grumpy penguin, which is always good.

Goats - A very popular webcomic, and for good reason: It contains lots of beer drinking and a satanic chicken! In his college days, Drake played in a band with Phillip, one of the Goats guys (He can sing like Michael Stipe! Sorta). Heh, small world.

Hound's Home - Teens, high school angst, a droll monkey, a pointy-eared cat, oh my! Poignant cultural commentary can be very cute indeed.

Kevin & Kell - A carnivorous lady wolf is married to a big male rabbit. Excellent social analysis of predator/herbivore dynamics in a technology-obsessed culture. Hilarity ensues!

Ko Fight Club - You never know what you're getting with this esoteric strip- board games, Shakespeare, benches, it's all fair game. If comic strips were beer, then this would be... one of those strange imported beers.

Newshounds - Did you ever wish you could get the evening news from dogs and cats? Of course you did, and here's your chance.

Paranoid Joe - The delusional adventures of a tortured man. Paranoid Joe proves that the mentally imbalanced can be funny!

The Parking Lot is Full - Dark, demented comics that will keep you awake in terror at night. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but they are pretty twisted. If you're not easily offended, go have a look. Note: the strip has officially ended, but the archives are still available.

Penny Arcade - These guys have a permanent link on the front page of Slashdot, so they certainly don't need our endorsement ;-). It's the original gamer comic, featuring great art and belligerent humor.

Superosity - Just plain funny stuff. Nothing is too wacky or unrealistic for this cartoon. Features a comicly disturbing art style.

User Friendly - It's very likely you already know about this one.

Wigu - Funny characters and great art from the same artist who brought you When I Grow Up.


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