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PNG home page

PNG Home Page - Loads of information about the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format. It's efficient, lossless, and unlike GIFs, free from any licensing restrictions. We use it for all our comic strips.

Pngcrush - command line program that compresses your PNG images, without any loss of quality. This program is great, and like all the software we use, free of charge.

Jpegoptim - More web programmers should know about this handy utility. It improves JPEG compression losslessly, by optimizing the file's Huffman tables. The results aren't usually dramatic, but every bit counts, right? (pun not intended ;)

the Gimp

the Gimp Home Page - It's the best graphics manipulation program available for the price (free!). The Gimp is very similar to Photoshop (in fact, it is pretty much a Photoshop clone), but it is written primarily for Unix systems. In short, it rules.

Soupermail - It's a perl CGI program for emailing forms. We use it for our contact us page, and it works great. Soupermail can actually do a lot more than what we use it for, and it is super configurable. Highly recommended.
Linux Documentation Project - If you are a Linux user or are interested in learning the Linux operating system, you should do some reading at this site. From network administration to BogoMips, this site will satisfy your wildest Linux desires! Bonus: No ads. Look elsewhere to punch the monkey.
Linux Today - Up-to-date news about all things Linux. Kind of like a lower-traffic, Linux-specific version of Slashdot.
waving duke Java Stuff - For you Java monkeys out there, here are some useful sites that Drake recommends:
  • JGuru - A customizable portal covering all things Java. Catch the latest Java news and get your programming questions answered in the well-organized FAQs and forums.
  • Java Pro - Online version of the excellent Java magazine (you can sign up for a free print subscription if you work at a tech company).
  • Java World - Great articles on Java programming topics and industry news.
  • ONJava.com - O'Reilly's informative site dedicated to Java. As good as it sounds.
  • The Server Side - Focuses on J2EE design patterns. The site also offers some excellent (and free!) PDF books.


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