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comic grab bag Discover a random, new webcomic with each click, using the random comic link generator! It started out as a simple exercise in generating pseudo-random numbers using the bash shell. Then Drake wanted to try making a bash-based CGI script, for kicks. The result is a kludgy, but fun, web page that we are finding addictively clickable!

burn all gifs! PNG Tips for Cartoonists - PNG is an under-utilized image format that more cartoonists should adopt. Learn how to maximize its superior compression ability! And look here for links to comics that use PNG.

Our pages don't contain any GIFs.
Learn why at the Burn All GIFs site.

Behind the Scenes (a little outdated) - Come see the transformation of our strip from a lowly concept sketch to a complete, fully operational battle station. Err, comic.

fight SPAM bots Help fight SPAM bots on the Internet by generating pages like this on your web site. All you need is a simple perl script. The robots must not win. Up with people!

team hackles @ seti Join us in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence! If you don't know about SETI, here is an introduction from the SETI@home web site:

"SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data."
A person running the SETI@home program can start or join a group, for example representing their office or school. Team Hackles is a SETI@home group started by Phil, one of Drake's former co-workers, and all our readers are welcome to join. Let's find us some aliens!


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