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Hackles Hackles is our hero, the hapless programmer dog. Like many dogs, he is friendly and just wants to get along with his officemates. He doesn't care about (or have the knack for) office politics or creating conflict. More often than not, he prefers to be left alone to code and drink massive amounts of coffee. A true techie, Hackles is somewhat of a nerd, enjoying Dungeons and Dragons, watching the Sci-Fi Channel, and building robots.

Katrina Vittles
Katrina Vittles Katrina is a free spirited cat, often torn between her feline instincts and the more civilized corporate world. A skilled Web developer, she loves Unix, HTML, JavaScript, and creating Web images with the Gimp. Katrina's nerdy side also includes an appreciation of sci-fi, especially Star Trek and Star Wars. Like many computer-literate cats, Katrina can be caught batting the mouse around when no one is looking.

Boss Dog
Boss Dog The boss is an even-tempered dog who tirelessly tries to lead BitCo to success. He isn't the most technically proficient animal at BitCo, but he makes up for it with his excellent people (err, animal) skills. It is a full time job keeping such a diverse range of animals happy and productive. While he is often puzzled by their eccentricities, deep down Boss Dog has faith in his employees.

Marcus Mouse
Marcus Mouse Marcus is a hot tempered rodent. His views tend to be rather conservative, and he makes no bones about voicing them. While he can grate on the nerves of his officemates, he also has the ruthlessness required to succeed as a marketer at BitCo.

Peter and Percy Penguin
Peter and Percy These guys are a cryptic duo, saying very little but wielding incredible power as BitCo's network administrators. Peter and Percy spend their days and nights endlessly tapping away at the keys of their supercharged Linux workstations, wordlessly destroying enemies and amusing themselves.
Any resemblance they may bear to the famed Linux mascot Tux is, of course, purely coincidental.

Hazel Hopkins
Hazel Hopkins Hazel is the receptionist at BitCo. Everyone gets along with this nice rabbit, although she can be quite nervous and jumpy. The phone often scares her just by ringing. Like most rabbits, she loves carrots in any form. Unlike most rabbits, Hazel has poor vision and needs to wear glasses. While she likes her job and her co-workers, she is easily distracted, and can often be found snoozing at her desk or daydreaming on the grass hills outside the office.

Preston Pigglesworth III
Preston Pigglesworth III Preston is a programmer at BitCo. Day or night, this overweight porker can be seen churning out sloppy code and gorging on junk food and that ultra-caffeinated beverage, Mountain Swill. He is rather immature, and often brags loudly about his "l33t 5killz", much to the annoyance of everyone else in the office. Despite being overbearing and crass, Preston is basically a nerd at heart, and he and Hackles seem to hang out a lot.

Vic Vic is a robot that Hackles built out of an old Vic 20 machine and some spare computer parts. Hackles originally wanted to create a battle bot, but was a little short on cash while buying equipment. Certainly, Vic is much less fierce than a battle bot, but he makes up for it with his intelligence and remarkable sentience. This is pretty impressive, considering he only possesses 3.5 KB of RAM along with a 1 MHz processor. As the only Vic 20 based robot in the world, Vic has a bit of an identity crisis, and is always trying to discover his purpose in life, while adapting to non-robot society.


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