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Authors: Drake Emko & Jen Brodzik

We are just a couple of humans who think the idea of animals working in a high-tech office setting is really funny. When not drawing cartoons, Drake is a Java programmer and plays the bass. Jen is a massage therapist who can also bake a mean cookie. We live in Gainesville, Florida, where the people are mellow and the weather is hot and muggy, just the way we like it.

Here's how we make the Hackles cartoon: First, one or both of us will come up with an idea for a strip. Ideas usually come in the shower or during coffee-induced moments of clarity. Then Drake sketches and inks the cartoons, using a felt tip pen and 8.5x11" paper. Next, Jen scans the images into PNG format and loads them into the Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program). She creates the mouse-drawn graphics and does the coloring, lettering, cutting/pasting, and fixing-up each strip needs. For a more detailed description of this process, look here.


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